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“The data Modii has collected is fantastic for us as a Council to better manage our parking assets. Instead of sending someone off site to check a sign, I can do it from my desktop [or phone]."
Michelle Carter
Acting Manager Transport Network
Northern Beaches Council
“Having been able to digitize these rules and show where you can park and when you can park, at what specific times in the future, based on the events that are happening, has really been a game changer for our parkers. After all, no one's coming here just to park. They're coming here for another reason. And being able to simplify the parking step of their journey is something that spot allows us to do."
Bob Murray
Chief Technology Officer
CampusParc at The Ohio State University
“I have used Modii everyday since having the link. It’s been really helpful.”
Customer Service Representative - Ohio State University
"I’m delighted that together with Modii we have been able to quickly launch an initiative that will make a meaningful and positive difference.”
Cr Kara Cook
Councillor for Morningside Ward, Brisbane City Council
“Who would use this? Everybody… I especially like the ability to set closures due to snow and notify drivers before they arrive in the morning.”
Operations Manager - Ohio State University
"The City of Parramatta has found Modii to be an innovative, collaborative and very responsive company to work with, and will be inviting them to tender on further work in this domain."
Geoff King
Group Manager City Strategy
City of Parramatta
“We have been really impressed with the speed and quality of the project, and look forward to continuing to work with Modii.”
Trevor Budge
Manager, Regional Sustainable Development
City of Greater Bendigo
“This will make life so much easier when we’re helping students to identify the most appropriate parking permit.”
Customer Service Representative - Ohio State University

“I’ve been working in this building for the last few years and I never realized those parking spaces existed. I’m going to check them out tomorrow when I drive in.”

Tech Staff Member - Ohio State University