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Reinvent the parking experience and create the future of campus mobility.
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What is Spot Campus?

A mapping service for university and college campuses that digitizes parking options and rules down to the individual space. It offers an interactive map for drivers and an administration dashboard for managers that helps to transform the parking experience, its day-to-day management, and its future readiness.

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Enhance campus experience
Enhance campus experience with personalized guidance that increases the likelihood, efficiency and compliance of parking and delivery.
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Enable efficient management
Enable efficient management of parking and mobility with a platform designed to coordinate and implement dynamic changes on campus.
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Ensure future readiness
Ensure future readiness with analyses of parking and mobility data to inform effective planning.

The most advanced campus parking and mobility solution.

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Video Case Study - OSU

We’ve interviewed Bob Murray, the Chief Technology Officer for CampusParc, the company responsible for operating the parking ecosystem at The Ohio State University’s Columbus campus. Bob explains some of the challenges they face with parking and transportation at the huge Columbus campus, and how they have used Spot Campus to help.

Spot Campus is reinventing the parking experience

“I’ve used it every day. Not only has it made my job easier, but it’s given me more insight on spaces and lots I thought I knew!... Thank you! This is a great gift for all parties!”
Customer Service Representative, Ohio State University

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For Campus Students, Staff and Visitors

Personalized to the user

Spot Campus provides personalized parking information. Users simply select their permit type to view the options and real-time availability of spaces relevant to them. Planning in advance? Simply input the date and time of planned parking to view the options, along with any notifications regarding upcoming events, temporary closures or construction.

For Campus Parking Directors and Operations Managers

Centralized for effective management

Spot Campus operates as a single source of truth for all systems and stakeholders involved in the planning and management of parking and mobility. It enables the setting and updating of regulations and pricing in real-time, communication of key changes to drivers via pop-up alerts, and monitoring of parking usage and compliance.

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For Campus Event Organisers

Easy planning for gamedays and special events

Spot Campus makes planning sport seasons and special events easy with pre-prepared templates that implement parking access and pricing changes. Departments can collaborate to plan events, manage conflicts and set the parking priorities of simultaneous events. Information is clearly communicated to all stakeholders, including drivers and enforcement officers.

For Customer Service Representatives

Visual dashboard for assisting with customer enquiries

Receiving questions? Spot Campus can be used to help prospective permit holders identify the most appropriate permit for them. It can also be used to guide drivers on the best place to park or dropoff based on their destination or parking needs.

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Spot Campus Features


View parking options and rules down to the individual space.

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Personalize to view information relevant to permit, date and time of interest.

Drop pin location

Optimize parking space utilization by sharing real-time occupancy.

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Centralize parking data into a single source of truth, all systems and stakeholders have access to the latest information.

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Implement parking changes associated with special events using pre-prepared templates.

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Analyze utilization and costs data to build predictive analytics and inform planning.

How it works

We collect the geolocation and parking rules for each individual space on campus.
We process and standardize the information, creating a digital version of the parking on campus.
We integrate with and feed data into other parking systems including payment and ticketing, LPR access systems, and camera based occupancy.
We deploy both user and administrator platforms bespoke to your campus.

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