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Modii's innovative technology is the most advanced digital curbside solution, offering cities a mapping service that creates a digital infrastructure of parking and road rules for the whole curbside.

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Future-proof the city and lead the shift in transportation and infrastructure management towards a smart city model.
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Ease congestion and pollution by guiding drivers on where to park, pick-up or drop-off, significantly reducing dwell time.
Improve safety by encouraging use of designated zones, and reducing driver distraction interpreting complex signs.

The most advanced digital curbside solution.

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Building the Digital Infrastructure for Smart Cities

Quality parking and road-rules data

The most advanced digital on-street data collection and interpretation tool in its field. Even the most complex parking and road-rules can be translated to provide meaningful, standardized data via our flexible API and downloadable JSON file.

Data includes, but is not limited to, a geolocated raw image of sign, as well as interpreted data regarding the type of sign (parking, no stopping, disabled, loading zone, clearway, drop off, car share, bus zone, taxi zone etc.), time dynamic rules of sign, and number of car spaces per zone.

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