Smart city parking and mobility solutions.
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What is Spot Cities?

A mapping service that creates a digital twin of parking and road rules for the whole curbside. It offers meaningful and standardized data for third parties via a flexible API, Spot Data, as well as consumer facing parking finder solutions, Spot Planner and Spot Drive, and management solutions for cities to manage the curb digitally, Spot Operations.

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Future-proof the city and lead the shift in transportation and infrastructure management towards a smart city model.
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Ease congestion and pollution by guiding drivers on where to park, pick-up or drop-off (PUDO).
Improve safety by encouraging use of designated PUDO zones, and reducing driver distraction interpreting complex signs.

The most advanced digital curbside solution.

Spot Cities web interface on laptop

Spot Cities is leading the shift towards smart city parking and mobility models

Spot Data

Quality parking and road-rules data

The most advanced digital on-street data collection and interpretation tool in its field. Even the most complex parking and road-rules can be translated to provide meaningful, standardized data via our flexible API and downloadable JSON file.

Data includes, but is not limited to, a geolocated raw image of sign, as well as interpreted data regarding the type of sign (parking, no stopping, disabled, loading zone, clearway, drop off, car share, bus zone, taxi zone etc.), time dynamic rules of sign, and number of car spaces per zone.

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Encourage smart innovation in your city by sharing this data with third parties via the Spot API.

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Inform strategic planning for transportation eg. congestion modelling.

smart cities

Enhance smart infrastructure projects with complete on-street data.

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Improve efficiency and safety of logistics and ride-hail pick-ups and drop-offs.

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Enhance parking finder and payment solutions with on-street data.

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Asset management

Access curbside digital twin asset inventories for review, planning and maintenance.

Looking for a consumer solution?

Spot Planner

Parking finder

Provide drivers with complete on-street information at their fingertips. Drivers can view parking and road rules at their destination in advance using the interactive map. Once suitable parking has been found, drivers can select the route for a stress-free journey.

man using spot cities trip planner on laptop
Spot Planner mobile UI searching parking

Search parking

Input point of destination, date, time, duration, and type of parking required.

Spot Planner mobile UI selecting permit

Select permit

Caters to all permit types, including local residential permits.

Spot Planner mobile UI view parking options

View options

View parking information including approximate number of spaces, tariffs and regulations.

Spot Planner mobile UI checking parking availability

Check availability

View occupancy status in real time for garages and lots with availability data.

Spot Planner mobile UI checking parking accessibility

Check accessibility

View image of accessible spaces along with suitability rating for hoists and wheelchair access.

Spot Planner mobile UI selecting route to parking

Select route

Navigate to selected parking.

On the move?

Spot Drive

Drive mode display

When travelling by car, motorbike or delivery vehicle, parking signs can be confusing to understand. Drive mode translates complex signage into clear, relevant parking information that can be safely viewed whilst driving.

spot cities spot drive mode on phone in car cradle

View current and upcoming on-street parking rules in a simple format.

pencil and gear

Select to view information specific to permit type and type of parking required.

mobile phone and parking drop pin

Easy to use with no touching required post-initial set-up.


Reduce driver distraction trying to interpret complex signs.

Looking to manage the curb digitally?

Spot Operations

Administration dashboard

For personnel involved in transportation or parking planning, management or customer service, the administration dashboard provides complete visibility of current on-street rules and the tools to update these digitally as required.

man using spot cities trip planner on laptop
customer service representative
Customer service

Assist with enquiries from the general public regarding parking and road rules.

Event management

Implement changes to on-street rules eg. road closures associated with special events.

ringing bell

Notify drivers of key updates via pop-up alerts on Spot Planner.

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Cost saving

Save time and money with a digital asset inventory that is kept up to date.

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