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Integrated parking intelligence

Unify all your parking data sources to help inform all your planning decisions.

What is Spot PI?

Spot PI, or Parking Intelligence, unifies data from any and all sources into a single dashboard showcasing key metrics and reports. Administrators can easily compare the live and historical performance of parking assets and structures, previously not possible due to the data being collected by disparate technology providers being stuck in silos.

Man in office using Spot PI on desktop computer
Red and green ceiling-mounted parking sensors in parking lot

Leverage existing hardware

Spot PI can leverage multiple forms of occupancy tracking technology data - loop counters, sensors, LPR cameras (cartop and fixed), bay-by-bay monitors and more.

Comprehensive data capture and analysis

Spot PI can also pull and display data from an array of parking systems such as PARCS, Parking Management, Permitting, Events Management and more.

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What is it used for?

Utilizing this data Spot PI provides our customers the ability to understand who is parking, when, and where, allowing for informed planning decisions justified by accurate data.

  • Stop wasting time
    Automate reports
  • Single dashboard
    Plan, monitor and manage parking from a single dashboard
  • Who, when and where
    Learn who's parking, when and where
  • Compare performance
    Compare the performance of your parking assets
  • Allocate parking
    Review and optimize parking allocations
  • Parking structures
    Provide detailed reporting on parking structures, floor by floor, and even individual parking bays
  • Planning decisions
    Make planning decisions with accurate data


Stop wasting time
Save Time
Use one dashboard for multiple systems to pull data, build reports, and contrast parking across assets.
Live occupancy statistics
Live Occupancy Statistics
Keep informed via Spot's live utilization display leveraging all forms of occupancy tracking technology.
Automate reporting
Automated Reporting
Identify the key metrics to benefit your operation, and schedule routine reports.
Forecast asset performance
Forecast Asset Performance
Understand every asset class and maximize their efficiency via historical data refined daily.
Optimize parking allocations
Optimize Parking Allocations
Determine the best allocations to meet demand and generate additional revenue.